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Welcome to the official website of Wuxi Hongyuan Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. !




To promote the modernization process of China's textile industry, and to achieve the goal of "Hundred Years of Hongyuan"
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To benefit from the bomber market, Oerlikon, Wuxi Hongyuan, Zhejiang Zhongli have a high trick

Because of its high breaking strength, high modulus of elasticity, strong light resistance, easy to wash and dry, etc., the elastic yarn is widely used in apparel fabrics, home textiles, casual wear, footwear fabrics and other fields. The continuous expansion of downstream demand has led to a rapid growth in the equipment market. The high-cost domestic high-end texturing machine products have gradually broken the monopoly of foreign products on the high-end texturing machine market. The overall technology has reached the international advanced level. From the interviews conducted by China Textile News reporters on a number of companies, it can be seen that the chemical fiber bombing market will continue to be hot in 2018. Many domestic textile machinery companies that develop and produce texturing machines are full of orders, high performance, low energy consumption, The market share of personalized mid- to high-end devices is gradually increasing.


Increase R&D investment to lead new development trends

The Oerlikon Manmade Fibers Business Unit (OMF), which has two Oerlikon Barmag and Oerlikon Neumag product brands, has always occupied the leading position in the global market for filament spinning systems and texturing machines, and is committed to providing customers with the entire textile value-added. Chain solution.


Oerlikon fully automatic eAFK HQ texturing machine.

According to the relevant personnel of the Barmag Market Department of Oerlikon Chemical Fiber Business Unit, OMF's equipment products mainly serve the polyester and nylon filament market in China. In 2017, the two major market benefits are generally good and in a profitable state. The two keywords of “environmental protection and energy conservation” continued to cover the chemical fiber industry in 2017, stimulating speculative demand for early stocking, laying a foundation for a new round of fiery investment. In view of the active presence of the two markets in which the OMF business is located, the OCN bombing department is also accepting greater challenges.

Every piece of Oerlikon's texturing equipment is well received by the market. For example, the new eAFK HQ texturing machine, with 576 spindle positions and a very space-saving structure, is the most productive texturing machine in the world. Compared to the popular 384-spindle automatic texturing machine on the market, the eAFK HQ texturing machine can increase productivity by up to 50%. Improved parts and design ensure higher customer profitability.

For the future development of the texturing machine industry, the person in charge said that thanks to the business of the former spinning field, in 2018, the ball machine market will continue to maintain a good growth. It should be noted that there is still a certain gap between domestically produced texturing machine equipment and imported branded texturing machine equipment. Domestically produced texturing machines are obviously not as good as imported branded texturing machines in the high-end market. Although the overall situation of the texturing machine market is good, the competition in the domestic market has become increasingly fierce.

Oerlikon's unchanging philosophy for many years is to continuously innovate and provide customers with the most cost-effective service solutions with the latest technology and the most functional products to help them quickly improve their market competitiveness. In the next stage of development, Oerlikon Group will pay more attention to the future. In order to protect the research and development of energy-saving and sustainable technologies in various business segments of the Group, the Group is also increasing its investment in research and development funds year by year.

“In 2017, R&D investment has reached the highest level ever. We must not only increase the research and development of new technologies, but also increase the training of technicians. Oerlikon (China) Technology Co., Ltd. in Suzhou is Oerlikon Chemical Fiber. In the world's largest R&D center for texturing machines, it is also the only production base of the Bamag brand chemical fiber texturing machine. We will rely on this base to achieve double improvement in process technology and talent training, and maintain Oerlikon's long-term growth in the texturing machine market. Leading position," said the relevant personnel of the Barmag Market Department.

Talking about the development plan of the group's texturing machine business in 2018, the relevant personnel of the Bamag marketing department said: "In terms of production, we will do our best to complete the existing contract, but due to the large number of orders, the delivery time of some products is very long. We must speed up production while ensuring quality to meet customer needs. In terms of R&D, as the market demand for the texturing machine market continues to increase, we will also invest more energy to continuously improve the performance of existing texturing equipment. Actively research and develop a new generation of products and make relevant technical reserves."

The development trend of brand enterprises often leads to a certain guidance for the entire industry. Oerlikon, which has always paid attention to brand promotion, is also well aware of this. At the "China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition" to be held in October this year, Oerlikon Group will showcase a number of important new equipments to many domestic and foreign customers, on the one hand, to demonstrate the Group's leading innovation capabilities. On the other hand, it provides a clearer direction for the development of the texturing machine.


Wuxi Hongyuan

High value-added products to meet different needs

Wuxi Hongyuan Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. is a key backbone manufacturer of domestic chemical fiber high-speed stretch yarn machine. In 2017, the company's leading products showed a recovery growth overall, and economic indicators such as sales revenue and profit increased significantly year-on-year. Among them, the high-speed stretch yarn machine shows a strong development vitality, the total sales increased by more than 70% year-on-year, and the market share is in the forefront of the industry.


Wuxi Hongyuan HY-10 multi-function high-speed stretch yarn machine.

According to Zhou Zhiqiang, the chairman of the company, the core strength of Wuxi Hongyuan's development lies in technological innovation. In 2017, the company's key hot-selling HY-6 and HY-7 series high-speed stretch yarn machines maintain differentiated features and performances. In order to further adapt to the needs of market development, some products are differentiated and designed to make products More distinctive, better spinning performance, and gained market recognition. At the same time, the company's product development generation, reserve generation, internationally competitive new products such as HY-9 automatic drop high-speed stretch yarn machine, HY-10 multi-function high-speed stretch yarn machine and other technologies to improve and optimize the main performance indicators Some indicators have reached or exceeded the advanced level of the same industry in the world. These new products have laid a solid foundation for the company's subsequent development.

However, Zhou Zhiqiang also admitted that although the overall situation of the domestic texturing machine market has improved in 2017, for Wuxi Hongyuan, the competitive pressure from all sides still exists. “Compared with the previous years, the competitive situation has further intensified. Therefore, in terms of market expansion, the company took the initiative. In 2017, the company completed the differentiated design of 20 variant products, won the recognition and trust of customers, and won the competitive advantage of the market. To further enhance the competitiveness of the company's products." Zhou Zhiqiang said. On the one hand, in the aspects of improving internal incentive mechanism, optimizing market regional resource allocation, improving market segment structure, and optimizing product cost structure, we have taken measures to recover many old customers; on the other hand, HY-10 aircraft can be used as a machine. Achieve a variety of spinning functions, just got the order and attracted a lot of new customers. It is worth mentioning that the company's products export growth is obvious, and the sales volume of chemical fiber high-speed stretch yarn machine has reached a record high. The company's 288 spindle, 312 spindle new machine and HY-7HLV new machine are favored in foreign markets.

Talking about the company's future development, Zhou Zhiqiang said that the company's leading product chemical fiber high-speed stretch yarn market, especially the domestic market, should be in a rising stage. Judging from the initial operating conditions of Wuxi Hongyuan this year, the market orders are gratifying. If the orders are executed according to the plan, the production tasks are close to the end of this year, which also reflects the market activity of high-speed elastic yarns to a certain extent.

But Zhou Zhiqiang clearly knows that this market rise is not a simple, repeated rise. On the one hand, the international and domestic economic uncertainties still exist, and the development of the chemical fiber industry will bring uncertainty, including the implementation of some orders is still uncertain. On the other hand, the domestic textile industry, including the development environment facing the chemical fiber industry, is undergoing profound changes. Energy conservation and environmental protection, industrial upgrading, and efficient upgrading will become new development demands, and higher requirements will be placed on the innovation and development of the textile machinery manufacturing industry. Therefore, the level of business management must be improved to meet this requirement.

Zhou Zhiqiang told reporters that in response to the new situation, Wuxi Hongyuan will determine 2018 as the “year of benefit improvement”. The company will adhere to the strategy of developing enterprises through science and technology, and always establish the company's development in product technology innovation. It always reflects the company's market competitive advantages and benefits in product technology innovation and the formation of high added value, especially in combination with the development trend of high-speed elastic yarn products. Promote multi-functional, intelligent, energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, and adapt to the different needs of various types of users. Guide the market step by step through customized design and promote mass operation.

In addition, the company will rely on HY9, HY10 and other new product technologies and product upgrades to promote market-level upgrades, expand the market layout of new products, focus on fine management, quality projects, focus on efficiency improvement and efficiency improvement, and comprehensively improve The company's operation quality, and strive to continue to have a significant increase in the major economic indicators, the high-speed stretch yarn machine market share in the forefront of the domestic industry.


Zhejiang Zhongli

Industrial chain extension overall engineering model

Zhejiang Zhongli Machine Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., as a subsidiary of Beijing Zhongli Machine Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., focuses on the research and development investment in the high-end and high-end processing segment of chemical fiber, and is committed to making products better and better.


Zhejiang Zhongli Double Silk Road Bulleting Machine runs in Fujian customer workshop.

According to Hu Xiangdong, general manager of Zhejiang Zhongli, in 2017, Zhejiang Zhongli almost covered the entire market share of domestic double-wire ball-increasing equipment, and this product has also become the company's fist product. In addition, the company has continued to improve the design of the double-wire high-speed false-twist deformation process in Beijing Zhongli R&D Center: taking Fujian benchmark customers as a sample, optimizing the silk path angle as a grip, and evenly drying the results. Standard, four consecutive program optimization and actual test demonstration, stereotyped a reasonable tension, smooth silk, energy-efficient, start-up double A rate that reaches 95% of the new double-track high-speed mechanical equipment. A breakthrough has been made in the research on the proportion of thermal insulation materials, and the measured energy consumption is significantly reduced.

In 2017, Zhejiang Zhongli also achieved good results in market expansion: Zhejiang Zhongli relied on the domestic first-class chemical fiber technology research and development technology to support the Zhongli brand, and the polymerization, spinning and texturing processes were fully integrated to realize the industrial chain. The extended overall engineering model has a more significant complementary trend. Hu Xiangdong said that with good policy guidance, the company timely identified the entry point of market development and borrowed the opportunity to enter the Vietnamese market. At the same time, it closely followed the “scientific and technological innovation” customer enterprises in the domestic market segment, with high technical content and adaptability. The differentiated texturing equipment speeds up the updating of equipment technology to meet the increasingly personalized domestic and international market demand.

As a domestic technology-leading texturing machine manufacturer, Zhejiang Zhongli has been adhering to the corporate development concept of “positioning high-end and targeting differentiated market segments” for many years based on its own corporate characteristics and market trends. Hu Xiangdong analysis believes that the current market competition is extremely fierce, how to accurately predict the future of the chemical fiber market, so accurately positioning the company's development strategy will become a watershed for corporate development. "It is foreseeable that the scale effect of the chemical fiber market will become more and more significant in the future. A large number of market demands will be actively or passively turned to individualized and differentiated demands. The technical requirements and special requirements for production equipment will gradually become the norm, and the technical layout will be advanced. Relying on Beijing Zhongli's pre-spinning market, we will promote the promotion of products with technical content, rely on good after-sales credibility to win word of mouth, promote product marketing, and establish a solid partnership with like-minded forward-looking customers. Development is the foundation for Zhejiang Zhongli's good business operations in 2017.” Hu Xiangdong said.

Talking about the future development of the company, Hu Xiangdong said that the rapid development of the bombing market in 2018 will continue, but it should be noted that as the scale effect of the industry giants gradually emerges, the conventional bombing market that accommodates a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises will inevitably enter. In the shuffling stage of the survival of the fittest, companies that lack market scent and resilience will face new market conditions from the POY purchase channel to the DTY sales performance. At that time, the fast-growing and expanding market for the past two years will gradually become colder, and the passive transformation and upgrading of the economic structure will soon be launched again. At the same time, with the increasing pressure on the country's environmental protection, the cost of energy consumption will continue to grow, both for the machine manufacturer and the end customer, which will force the company's environmental technology to be upgraded and become a social responsibility and enterprise R&D that the company cannot escape. Required course.

Hu Xiangdong told reporters that in the face of the chemical fiber market situation in 2018, Zhongli will continue to introduce new high-performance differentiated texturing machines based on the promotion of R&D technology optimization, and will exert technological advantages in product energy consumption. Improvement; for the limited expansion of the company's production capacity, adhere to the expansion of production capacity on the basis of ensuring quality, continue to strengthen the management of raw product control, continue to promise 24 hours of after-sales service response, with excellent products and sincere service to open the door to the market. At the same time, as Beijing Zhongli's products go abroad, the company will pay more attention to the expansion of the international market and channel construction, and realize the comprehensive integration of the upstream and downstream industry chain of Zhongli brand.


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